Business Model

Since its inception, Viva Aerobus has built its business model based on low costs, simplicity, with a focus on profitability, innovation and a safe and secure always culture. The Company targets Mexico’s market of price-sensitive leisure passengers, passengers visiting friends and relatives (“VFRs”) and SMEs, with special emphasis on the bus-to-aircraft conversion market, supported by the unique, long-term strategic relationship with Grupo IAMSA which provides access to millions of bus passengers.

Ultra-low-cost model:

  • Point-to-point fares and efficient product offerings
  • Maximum seat density
  • Low distribution costs
  • High employee productivity and outsourcing to maintain a highly flexible cost structure
  • Low aircraft operating costs
  • Efficient and low-cost airport infrastructure


As of 3Q22, Viva Aerobus has an operation that consists of 127 routes, 99 domestic and 28 international, connecting 51 different destinations. By offering only point-to-point fares, the Company can price each flight based on its own demand, contributing to costs reduction. Additionally, the Company has a wide and efficient portfolio of in-flight products and services, avoiding more complex and expensive offerings such as inter-airline agreements.


In order to maintain low net costs, all costs related to the specific operation of each channel are directly transferred to the customer through a booking fee.


Viva Aerobus offers a wide range of distribution channels to meet the needs of different customer segments specific to the Mexican market, however, for each operated channel, all the costs related to it are directly transferred to the customer through the payment of a booking fee in order to keep net costs low.

The Company use its website,, as its main distribution channel, since this is the lowest cost channel for the Company and its customers; enabling the latter to purchase tickets and services without paying additional booking fees, in contrast to making their transactions at bus stations, airports and through call centers.

Passengers purchasing tickets through Viva Aerobus’ outsourced call center, airport ticket offices or for charter flights pay fees that generate additional ancillary revenue. The Company also distributes tickets through both traditional and online travel agents. However, Viva Aerobus avoids costs by having travel agencies book directly through the official website and requires prepayment to avoid costs related to credit, collections, and industry payment schemes.