As of quarter-end, gross debt was Ps.2,357 million, down 27.1% and 43.8% vs. 1Q20 and 1Q19, respectively. These variations followed the amortizations made on both the outstanding balance of debt securities (Ps.1,000 million have been timely settled over the LTM) and bank debt, given that, at the face of the sanitary contingency, the Company has not subscribed any additional debt, as it was able to operate with the use of cash flows generated by the operation.

Debt structure

Mar-21 Dec-20 Mar-20
Bank debt 1,367 972 1,572
Debt securities 990 1,080 1,659
Short-term debt 1,106 652 2,135
Long-term debt 1,250 1,401 1,096
Total debt 2,357 2,052 3,231
Net debt1 (682) (915) 32
1Financial debt – cash (including restricted cash).

As of March 31, 2021, the Company’s Adjusted net leverage / EBITDAR LTM stood at 31.91 times.

Mar-21 Dec-20 Mar-20
Adjusted net debt / EBITDAR LTM 31.91x 19.98x 4.65x