Who is Viva Aerobus?

Is the leading ultra-low-cost carrier in Mexico and Latin America, driven by its business model grounded on a lean operating structure, hand-in-hand with a growth strategy focused on maximizing profitability step by step, targeting the Mexican market of passengers visiting friends and relatives (“VFRs”), as well as business travelers from small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”), especially those travelers who are currently traveling by bus and/or are price sensitive.

When was Viva Aerobus established and where are its head offices located?

Viva Aerobus was incepted on June 2006 through an alliance between Grupo IAMSA and Irelandia Aviation, fully tapping on both Irelandia Aviation’s expertise in the development and operation of the ULCC (ultra-low-cost carrier) business model and the knowledge Grupo IAMSA has regarding the Mexican transportation market. Viva Aerobus’ core offices are in Monterrey.

What strategic relationships does the Company currently have?

Viva Aerobus has a strategic relationship with Grupo IAMSA and its partner companies such as Omnibus de Mexico, Grupo Herradura de Occidente, Grupo Flecha Amarilla, among others, which together are a leading bus conglomerate in Mexico with over 7,000 buses that transported over 223 million passengers (2019).

Does Viva Aerobus pay dividends?

Viva Aerobus currently does not have a defined dividend policy.

Who is the external audit of Viva Aerobus?

The Company’s external audit is KPMG.

How can I contact Viva Aerobus’ IR department?

Should you need to contact the Company’s IR department, you can do so by sending an email to ir@vivaaerobus.com