Our key executives perform their functions under a regulatory framework that guarantees and protects the best interests of the Company and its shareholders. In this sense, our executives are bound to submit their new commercial strategies to the Company’s Board of Directors for its approval, as well as disclosing all relevant information to the public and ensuring that the accountability and internal control systems are suitable for the Company’s operations.

Hereunder, a quick summary of our management team's professional background and areas of expertise is shown:

Name Position Years in the Company
Juan Carlos Zuazua Cosío Chief Executive Officer 16 years
Christian Ramos Hurtado Chief Financial Officer 3 years
Lilia Violeta Pous Castro Chief Legal Officer 8 years
Adrian Torija Miranda Chief Operating Officer 15 years
Roberto Valdez Cazares Chief Commercial and CX Officer 16 years
José Daniel Bárcenas Ramírez Chief Quality and Safety Officer 16 years
Pedro Gerardo Obregón Carrillo Chief Human Resources Officer 16 years
Alejandra Ochoa Martínez Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer 16 years
Pablo Gómez Gallardo Maass Chief Digital Officer 3 years
Pablo Sordo Macías Chief Strategy and Loyalty Officer 2 years
Javier Suárez Casado Chief Network and Alliances Officer 5 years