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Viva Aerobus reports montly passenger traffic: 1.34M PAX; +35% vs May 2019 and LF of 88.5% 2021-06-04
Viva Aerobus informs on the FAA decision to downgrade Mexico to category 2 2021-05-25
Viva Aerobus and Anaconda Carbon sign alliance to provide voluntary carbon footprint offsets for passengers 2021-05-11
21.5% passenger growth vs april 2019, load factor of 82% 2021-05-06
Viva Aerobus announces USD $150 million financing 2021-04-28
Viva Aerobus increases by 67% passengers in March vs February 2021, more than one million passengers 2021-04-08
Viva Aerobus signs alliance with laboratories to offer preferential prices on COVID-19 tests to passengers 2021-03-31
Viva Aerobus receives PRIME certification for best practices of Corporate Governance 2021-03-29
Flight VIV4343 Puerto Vallarta - Monterrey 2021-03-19
Viva Aerobus increased 4.4% its load factor vs January 2021 2021-03-05
Grupo Viva Aerobus reports operating and financial results for the 4Q20 and full year 2020 2021-02-22
Viva Aerobus takes part in the Mexican Air Force Day commemoration by landing at the Santa Lucia airbase 2021-02-10
Viva Aerobus recorded more than 840 thousand passengers in Januray 2021 2021-02-05
Viva supports its passengers in complying with the flight requirements outlined by the U.S. health department 2021-01-13
Viva Aerobus becomes a official sponsor of Club América 2021-01-08
Viva Aerobus registered more than one million passengers in december 2020 & more than 8 million passengers in 2020 2021-01-07
Viva Aerobus increases its number of flights to Houston from Mexico City and announces new route Cancun - Houston 2021-01-05
Viva Aerobus receives tourist safety stamp and starts 4 nonstop flights from Mexico City 2020-12-15
Cross Border Xpress (CBX) and Viva Aerobus new sales alliance announced 2020-12-10
Visit Mexico and Viva Aerobus sign alliance to promote tourism 2020-12-09
Viva Aerobus carried over 955 thousand passengers in November 2020, an 8% increase when compared to October 2020 2020-12-04
Viva Aerobus celebrates its 14th birthday with new nonstop fligths & with a 10% increase in operating capacity vs december 2019 2020-11-30
Viva Aerobus carried more than 885 thousand passengers in October 2020, a 21% increase compared to past month 2020-11-05
Viva Aerobus permanently gets rid of change fees 2020-11-03
Viva Aerobus leads sector's reactivation operating 100% of its installed capacity and announcing 109 routes available in November 2020-10-30
Viva Aerobus presents its environmental culture ‘The Future is Green’ 2020-10-28
Cross Border Xpress and Viva Aerobus sign commercial alliance 2020-10-26
Grupo Viva reports operating and financial results for the 3Q2020 2020-10-23
Viva Aerobus registered nearly 730 thousand passengers in september 2020, 2° airline with the highest number of passengers in the month 2020-10-07
Viva Aerobus carries on with its route reopening process in October operating 97 routes and launching 4 new flights from Mexico City 2020-10-02
Viva Aerobus reaches 15 routes launched during the new normal and celebrates the operational kick-off of 3 new routes today 2020-09-25
Viva Aerobus announces new regular route Chetumal - Mexico City 2020-09-21
Viva Aerobus highlights advantages of airspace redesign for the Metropolitan Airport System 2020-09-14
Viva Aerobus recorded over 650 thousand passengers in August 2020, 39% up when compared to July 2020 2020-09-08
Viva Aerobus continues its reactivation for September and announces new routes from Mexico City and Monterrey 2020-08-31
Viva Aerobus promotes responsible tourist reactivation in Yucatan, result of the Viva for Mexico campaign 2020-08-24
Mexican ulcc, Viva Aerobus, announces its new non-stop flights Dallas fort worth Monterrey (Mexico) 2020-08-13
Viva Aerobus carries out a humanitarian flight to transport 200 thousand face masks from Toulouse, France to Monterrey, Mexico 2020-08-01
Viva Aerobus increases its flight operation to 60% in August 2020-07-30
Grupo Viva reports operating and financial results for the 2Q2020 2020-07-24
Viva Aerobus supports its passengers’ wallet with two brand new initiatives: ‘Tarifa Zero’ y ‘TU Aliado’ 2020-07-14
Viva Aerobus reports passengers corresponding to june 2020 2020-07-08
Viva Aerobus increases its operation in July by 70%: 2 new international routes from Mexico City included 2020-07-01
Viva Aerobus 1st Airbus A321NEO aircraft arrives to Mexico 2020-06-30
Viva Aerobus increases international route offer in June & July 2020-06-24
Viva Aerobus launches the campaign ‘Viva por México’ to boost tourism: Cancun first participating destination 2020-06-22
Grupo Viva Aerobus increased its operating revenue by 21% during 1Q2020 2020-06-15
Viva Aerobus launches ‘Juntos Despegaremos’ (Together we take off) initiative to contribute to Mexico's tourism reactivation 2020-06-11
Viva Aerobus rewards solidarity through Heroes Viva initiative: Free vacations for people with outstanding endeavors during the pandemic 2020-06-04
Viva Aerobus extends its solidarity initiative offering free flights to medical personnel during June as well 2020-06-01
Viva Aerobus informs its operating routes during June 2020-05-29
Viva Aerobus launches innovative passenger protection insurance: full refund in cash 2020-05-14
Viva Aerobus reports monthly passenger figures corresponding to April 2020 2020-05-07
Viva Aerobus offers free flights to medical personnel during May 2020-05-06
Viva Aerobus informs its operating routes during May 2020-04-30
Viva Aerobus configures flights 100% freighters 2020-04-16
Viva Aerobus reports monthly passenger figures corresponding to March 2020 2020-04-06
Viva Aerobus connects Mexico City with Havana 2020-03-10
Viva Aerobus leads the monthly growth of the sector, 36% increase in passengers during February 2020-03-06
Viva Aerobus celebrates its 250 million pesos short-term bond issuance in the Institutional Stock Exchange (BIVA) 2020-02-25
Grupo Viva Aerobus increased its operating revenue by 27% in 2019, total of 12,874 million pesos 2020-02-24
Viva Aerobus launches new routes from Monterrey, to Orlando and San Antonio 2020-02-13
Viva Aerobus increased passengers by 20% in January 2020 2020-02-06
Viva Aerobus announces changes in Management 2020-01-24
Viva Aerobus opens new historic non-stop flights Cancun – Santiago de Cuba 2020-01-23
Viva Aerobus becomes UANL Tigres soccer team official sponsor 2020-01-17
Viva Aerobus enters the air freight market with its Viva Cargo service 2020-01-16
Viva Aerobus finished 2019 with the highest annual growth of passengers in the sector and the youngest fleet in Mexico 2020-01-09
Viva Aerobus exceeds, in November, its annual passenger record: more than 10 million customers so far in 2019 2019-12-03
Viva Aerobus expands service for high season by the end of the year: reincorporates 7 winter routes 2019-11-29
Viva Aerobus and the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies celebrate the signing of an alliance to boost tourism 2019-11-25
Once again over a million monthly passengers: Viva Aerobus increased customers by 25% during October 2019-11-05
Viva Aerobus connects Cancun with La Habana 2019-10-30
Viva Aerobus achieves 58% growth in EBITDAR and 40% in total operating revenue in third quarter 2019 2019-10-24
Viva Aerobus launches new flight bidding system 2019-10-23
With the aim of rasing breast cancer awareness, Viva Aerobus paints pink the wings of an aircraft as well as the uniforms of its respective fleet 2019-10-17
Viva Aerobus presents in Chicago its five new seasonal routes to/from O’Hare 2019-10-10
Viva Aerobus increases passengers by 19% during September: 9 consecutive months with double digit growth 2019-10-03
Viva Aerobus relaunches the Monterrey - Ixtapa Zihuatanejo route looking to attend holiday season demand 2019-09-30
Viva Aerobus increases passengers by 21% during August: three record months with more than 1 million customers 2019-09-04
Viva Aerobus launches its domestic route #100: Puerto Vallarta – Tijuana 2019-08-22
Viva Aerobus arrives to Chicago with 5 new seasonal routes 2019-08-15
Viva Aerobus achieves three record months in passengers: more than 1.2 million customers in July 2019-08-04
Grupo Viva Aerobus achieves a 42% growth in its operating income in the 2Q2019 2019-07-24
Viva Aerobus achieves, for the first time, more than a million passengers in a month 2019-07-04
Mexican ULCC Viva Aerobus inaugurates new non-stop flight Las Vegas – Monterrey 2019-06-21
Viva Aerobus chooses Pratt & Whitney GTF™ engines for its brand-new Airbus A321 aircraft 2019-06-18
Viva Aerobus breaks its monthly passenger record: more than 998 thousand customers in May 2019 2019-06-11
Viva Aerobus now offers directly the route Cancun - Camagüey (Cuba) 2019-05-28
Viva Aerobus celebrates its new regular route Monterrey – Las Vegas 2019-05-21
Viva Aerobus achieved a 21% growth in passengers vs. April 2018 and will integrate 3 new aircraft to its fleet this may 2019-05-07
Grupo Viva Aerobus achieves a 12.9% growth in its total operating revenue during the 1stquarter 2019 2019-04-29
Monthly passenger figures – March 2019 Viva Aerobus achieved a 7% growth in passengers vs March 2018 2019-04-04
Viva Aerobus presents its new campaign 'we want you to live more' 2019-03-28
Viva Aerobus increases its flight offer in Mexico City: two new routes with destination to Oaxaca and to Hermosillo 2019-03-11
Viva Aerobus launches exclusive all-inclusive packages and dynamics to enjoy the Pa'l Norte 2019 festival 2019-03-08
Monthly passenger figures February 2019 2019-03-06
Grupo Viva Aerobus achieves a 44% growth in its operating revenue during the 4th quarter of 2018 2019-02-27
Viva Aerobus successfully completes $1,000 million pesos in long-term bonds 2019-02-14
Monthly passenger figures January 2019 2019-02-06
Monthly passenger figures December 2018 and annual 2018 2019-01-10
Viva Aerobus integrates as regular flight the Puebla - Tuxtla Gutierrez route 2019-01-09
Viva Aerobus breaks its passenger record per year: more than 10 million customers this 2018 2019-01-03
Miguel Torruco inaugurated the new route Merida – Villahermosa of Viva Aerobus 2018-12-17
Viva Aerobus starts today its new route Culiacan – Ciudad De Mexico 2018-12-13
Monthly passenger figures November 2018 2018-12-07
Viva Aerobus will reward creativity at the Festival del Puerto with one year of free flights 2018-12-06
Viva Aerobus, mexican ulcc, offers 6 flights Los Angeles - Monterrey during winter holidays 2018-12-05
Viva Aerobus celebrates its 12th anniversary with historic expansion 2018-11-30
Viva Aerobus adds two new routes from Monterrey: Los Mochis e Ixtapa Zihuatanejo 2018-11-28
Monthly passanger figure October 2018 2018-11-08
Viva Aerobus stimulates the connectivity of the State of Mexico with its new routes Toluca-Cancun and Toluca-Monterrey 2018-10-29
Grupo Viva Aerobus increased by 26% its total operating revenue in 3Q2018 2018-10-25
Viva Aerobus takes you to the Tecate Peninsula festival 2018-10-24
Viva Aerobus arrived in New York from Mexico City 2018-10-23
Viva Aerobus takes you to Tecate Coordenada festival 2018-10-17
Viva Aerobus boosts international connectivity with its new route Mexico City – New York 2018-10-16
Viva Aerobus adds new flights to Cuba from Cancun 2018-10-15
Monthly passenger figures September 2018 2018-10-12
For the first time, Viva Aerobus starts connecting flights 2018-09-26
Viva Aerobus now offers more than 100 routes with its three new flights to the US from Cancun 2018-09-25
Viva Aerobus strengthens its expansion with the announcement of four new routes 2018-09-13
Monthly passenger figures August 2018 2018-09-10
Viva Aerobus takes you to “Luzia”, the Cirque du Soleil show 2018-08-29
Viva Aerobus stregnthens its presence in Monterrey 2018-08-15
Viva Aerobus will now fly daily Bajio-Ciudad Juarez 2018-07-31
Viva Aerobus increased by 35% its total operating revenue in the first half of 2018 2018-07-26
Viva Aerobus upgauging to a bigger aircraft with an A321neo order 2018-07-18
Viva Aerobus arrives to Toluca offering two new routes: Toluca-Cancun and Toluca-Monterrey 2018-07-12
Viva Aerobus receives two new aircraft Airbus A320neo 2018-07-10
Monthly Passenger Figures, June 2018 2018-07-09
Viva Aerobus launches its new route Morelia-Tijuana 2018-07-05
Viva Aerobus will have a new Flight Training Center for its crews 2018-06-26
Viva Aerobus will take off to New York from Mexico City 2018-06-19
Viva Aerobus will arrive to Durango from Monterrey for the first time 2018-06-14
Viva Aerobus provides information concerning flight 9138 from Veracruz-Cancun 2018-06-11
Monthly Passenger Figures, May 2018 2018-06-05
Viva Aerobus provides information concerning the class-action lawsuit in Nuevo Leon 2018-05-23
Viva Aerobus launches its new Queretaro-Monterrey route 2018-05-17
Viva Aerobus takes you to Tecate Location 2018-05-10
Monthly Passenger Figures, April 2018 2018-05-09
Viva Aerobus provides information concerning flight 2307 from Merida-Guadalajara 2018-05-02
Viva Aerobus increased by 49% its operating revenue in 1Q2018 2018-04-26
Viva Aerobus will arrive to Morelia from Monterrey 2018-04-18
Viva Aerobus launches new route Puebla-Guadalajara and integrates Puebla-Puerto Vallarta season route to regular offer 2018-04-16
Monthly Passenger Figures, March 2018 2018-04-10
Viva Aerobus completes $1,000 million pesos in short-term bonds on the Mexican Stock Exchange 2018-03-26
Monthly Passenger Figures, February 2018 2018-03-13
Viva Aerobus launches its new route Merida-Tuxtla Gutierrez 2018-02-28
Viva Aerobus increased by 23% its operating revenue in 2017 2018-02-22
Viva Aerobus is the operator with most destinations to and from Monterrey 2018-02-20
Monthly Passenger Figures, January 2018 2018-02-12
Passenger Figures: December and 2017 2018-01-11